Sometimes, it can be hard to know what we want from our career and, if we do know it, how to get there. For many people, their career is a huge component of their life and identity, so understanding what we want and how to achieve it is important – all while retaining a healthy work-life balance. 

What is career counselling? 

Career counselling is in many ways similar to life coaching, in that it focuses more on goal-setting and practical strategies than traditional counselling. A career counsellor will work with you to establish what it is you want from your working life, and how you can work towards it. 

They can also help you tackle other typical career issues, like figuring out a more manageable work-life balance, improving focus and drive, or resolving conflicts and tensions in the workplace. 

In order to solve these surface-level issues, a professional career counsellor may delve deeper into the underlying psychological factors that cause them, so career counselling can ultimately be a profound way to learn more about yourself.

Problems that a career counsellor can help you solve

Career counselling can cover a whole range of issues, or simply be a great way to work towards something if you’re feeling stagnant or stuck in a rut. Issues that career counselling can address include: 

  • Identifying what you want from your career 
  • Lack of motivation or drive 
  • Switching career
  • High-stress or pressurising environments
  • Streamlining your work so you can maintain a healthier balance between work and downtime
  • Managing workplace tensions and conflicts 
  • Fear of public speaking or other anxieties associated with workplace activities.

Benefits of career counselling 

The benefits of career counselling can be huge. Because it focuses so much on practical solutions as well as underlying emotional issues, it can be a great holistic approach to improving your quality of life and sense of self.

A talented, professional career counsellor will help you to cultivate the personal tools needed to excel in your career, gain confidence in your abilities, and plan more effectively. This leads to benefits in both your personal and professional life.

The benefits of career counselling can include: 

  • Measurable career successes 
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Financial gains or financial independence 
  • Higher self-worth.

Should I choose career counselling? 

Career counselling may be suited to you if: 

  • You’re feeling stuck in your job or lacking motivation and drive
  • You find yourself dreading work or are dissatisfied with your career path
  • You’re contemplating a career change, or a new venture 
  • You’re having problems focusing, or getting results at your job
  • You’re having tensions with your co-workers or your boss, and struggle to resolve them.

Career counselling at Life Supports 

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