What do we do?

We help people find therapy that fits them, fits their lives and fits their goals towards a more empowered future. We partner with exceptional therapists working in private practice, and we put the full weight of our support and expertise (digital, marketing, client services, practice consulting, client-matching) behind them to achieve sustainable businesses for practices that provide real-world impact to the lives of clients whom they work with.


We don't believe that all therapists are created equal.
We are a network of whole hearted therapists who place high value on making true impact with their clients.

Are you like us?

We believe in quality counselling support that is:

Because we honour the courage it takes for our callers to touch base and we believe that the right support can help people thrive, we are hellbent on unearthing the best support for each caller, connecting genuinely and using our talents to help problem solve for people on their way to more fulling lives.

We exist in order to help people thrive with the best access to quality mental health support and in so doing, we put our full weight behind the best private practices providing impactful client care.

Our commitment to impacting others as effectively as we can is not always easy, but we are committed to the endeavour and pool the most talented people together to work towards this.

We believe in creating highly performing, ethical environments that achieve real-world outcomes for clients, getting them steps closer towards their goals. The way we measure, assess and accredit private practices allows for exceptional quality support to be recognised, looked after and maximised in its impact.

At Life Supports we see curiosity as necessary for innovation and improvement. We stay open to new ideas and new ways of doing things that work. We practice finding solutions and inspiration wherever we can, and use our qualities of open and inspired communication to bring them into our worlds and the worlds of our clients. 

We use curiosity and experimentation to help ourselves and others when we are struggling or frustrated. 

Curiosity helps us find momentum in what is challenging, and drives our efforts to find solutions that work, for whoever we're working with.

We believe in letting go of negative patterns and focusing on growth. We see vulnerability and courage as a chance for growth.

Our attitudes and decisions with people reflect a belief in human dignity and science, and a devotion to human welfare.

Our shared humanistic values see people:

  • with compassion & empathy
    with dignity
    as creative & free
  • as having strengths, spirituality & values
  • in a positive, optimistic regard


We see all people as having:

  • personal responsibility
  • freedom of choice
  • self-mastery
  • potential

We pride ourselves on meaning what we say and matching our words to our actions, tackling the hard things and seeing the best in one another.

We uphold respect for others and the trust we earn by doing what we say we'll do.

We require of each other:

  • honesty & integrity
  • personal responsibility for decisions and behaviour
  • reliability
  • consistency
  • commitment to a growth mindset and being our personal best
  • asking for what you need to succeed


We believe in finding ways to sustain our joy and energy for meaningful work in mental health.

Our Accreditation processes

With our accreditation procedures, we can proudly advocate that our qualifying member therapists are:

  • Experienced and competent

    Each practitioner undergoes our rigorous selection process to ensure they meet Life Supports standards.

  • Qualified and registered

    This ensures that every member of our network is equipped to competently practice within their areas of.

  • Continually improving and fully trained

    Ensures our counsellors and psychologists are at the forefront of developments in counselling and delivery.

  • Consumer reviewed

    Proven themselves to consistently deliver therapeutically effective solutions which clients choose.


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Joining our team

Not everyone is in the right place to get started with us, but we're here to chat and open to help. If your values match ours, you're up to the challenge and you'd like to know more about what we do, we'd absolutely love to hear from you.